kktc student permit in north cyprus

kktc student permit 

الاقامة في قبرص التركية

kktc student permit

KKTC Öğrenci izni” (kktc student permit) is a required document for international students studying in Northern Cyprus.

This permit allows students to reside legally in North Cyprus for the duration of their studies. Here are some key points about living in Turkish Cyprus :

Application Process: International students must apply for Turkish Cyprus residency upon their arrival in North Cyprus. The application process usually includes submitting the required documents via the website.

Required documents: include a valid passport and completion of registration procedures at the university so that the site is complete and ready for payment

Duration: Residency in Turkish Cyprus is usually issued for the duration of the student’s academic program. Students may need to renew their permit annually or monthly

Fees: There is usually an application fee associated with obtaining residency in Turkish Cyprus. The fee amount may vary depending on the duration of the permit and other factors.

Rights and Responsibilities: Obtaining a student residence permit gives the student the right to reside legally in North Cyprus for the purpose of study. However, students must adhere to the laws and regulations of Northern Cyprus, maintain their enrollment status at the University, and adhere to any visa or permit requirements.

Employment Restrictions: In most cases, students with a KKTC student permit are not allowed to work in North Cyprus, although there may be specific exceptions or regulations for part-time work or internships.

The most important procedures necessary to open the residence system in NORTH CYPRUS

Open the system through the Ministry of Interior link . Click here 

الاقامة في قبرص التركية

Then you go to the bottom of the page and click on a word   Sign Up Now

الاقامة في قبرص التركية

A page will open for you to enter personal information as written in the passport

Then just click Sign Up

After completing all of the mentioned steps, a text message or email will be sent containing:

username and password
You enter the information and click  Login
Here you make the online payment process on the site ( insurance + medical test ) and you will get the lab information to do the blood test.
If you face any problem, you can contact us for help.   Contact us


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