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Cyprus International University (CIU) is considered one of the best universities on the island of Cyprus, as it is ranked second among the Nprth Cyprus universities.

Cyprus International University CIU

Cyprus International University (CIU) is a private university located in North Nicosia, the capital city of Northern Cyprus. Here is some information about Cyprus International University:

  1. Academic Programs : CIU offers a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs across various fields of study, including engineering, business, education, health sciences, humanities, and social sciences.

  2. Accreditation and Recognition : CIU is recognized by the Higher Education Council of Turkey (YÖK) and accredited by the Turkish Republic’s Council of Higher Education (YÖK). Additionally, some programs may have international accreditation or recognition from relevant professional bodies.

  3. English-Medium Instruction : The majority of academic programs at CIU are taught in English, making it an attractive option for international students who wish to study in English.

  4. Facilities and Campus : CIU campus is equipped with modern facilities, including state-of-the-art laboratories, libraries, sports complexes, dormitories, and recreational areas. The university provides a comfortable and conducive learning environment for students.

  5. International Community : CIU is home to a diverse community of students and faculty from various countries around the world. This multicultural environment fosters cross-cultural understanding and collaboration among students.

  6. Scholarships and Financial Aid : CIU offers scholarships and financial assistance to eligible students based on academic merit, talent, or financial need. These scholarships help support students in pursuing their higher education goals.

  7. Research Opportunities : CIU encourages research and academic innovation through its research centers, projects, and collaborations with industry partners. Students have the opportunity to engage in research activities under the guidance of experienced faculty members.

  8. Student Support Services : The university provides comprehensive support services to students, including academic advising, counseling, career guidance, and extracurricular activities. Student clubs and organizations offer opportunities for personal development and social engagement.

  9. Location : CIU is located in North Nicosia, the largest city and capital of Northern Cyprus. The city offers a blend of modern amenities, historical sites, cultural attractions, and a vibrant social scene, providing students with a fulfilling university experience.

Overall, Cyprus International University is committed to providing quality education, fostering academic excellence, and preparing students for successful careers in their chosen fields.

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Advantages of studying at Cyprus International University It is concerned with academic programs and outstanding students, as the university offers students whose GPA during the first year is 3.5-4 at a discount of 75-100 on the university tuition. It encourages students to excel and raise the educational and academic level, and this matter is beneficial to the university and student at the same time.
Cyprus International University Accreditation

Higher Education Accreditation and Coordination Board of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (YÖDAK).

Turkish Board of Higher Education (YÖK).

International Association of Universities (IAU).

The Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Engineering Programs (MÜDEK) is equivalent to ABET recognition.

Association of Federation of Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW).

International Architects Board (MiAK).

Communications Education Evaluation Accreditation Board (ILEDAK).

UK National Recognition Information Center (UK NARIC).

International Business Administration Accreditation Organization (FIBAA).

International Network  for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (INQAAHE).

European Consortium for Policy Research (ECPR).

International Universities Council (IUC).

European Public Relations and Research Center (EUPRERA).

European Research and Communication Association (ECREA).

International Universities Search and Rescue Council (IUSRC).

International Universities Council for Business Education (ECBE).

Cyprus International University Faculties
SpecializationStudy durationStudy languageUniversity tuition
Medicine6 YearsEnglish €  6,653
Dentistry5 YearsEnglish €  5,498
Pharmacy5 YearsEnglish €  4,098
PharmD6 YearsEnglish €  4,098
Accounting4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
Architecture4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
Artificial intelligence engineering4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
Bioengineering4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
Medical equipment engineering4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
Business Management   4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
Civil engineering4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
Computer Engineering4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
E-Marketing4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
Economy4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
Electrical and electronic engineering4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
Energy systems engineering4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
English4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
Environmental engineering4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
Culinary arts4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
Graphic design4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
Industrial engineering4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
Information systems engineering4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
information technology4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
IT security4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
Interior design4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
International law4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
International Relations4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
Journalism4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
Administrative engineering4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
Mechanical engineering4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
Mechatronics engineering4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
Biomedical Engineering4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
Obstetrics4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
Biology and Genetics4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
Nursing4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
Nutrition4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
Petroleum and natural gas engineering4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
Natural therapy4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
psychology4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
Public relations and advertising4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
Radio and television4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
Radio, television and cinema4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
Social work4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
Software Engineering4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
Tourism and hotel management4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
English translation4 YearsEnglish €  3,098
Cyprus International University accommodation

Cyprus International University (CIU) provides accommodation options for both local and international students. Here is some information about accommodation at CIU :

  1. On-Campus Dormitories :

    • CIU offers on-campus dormitories for students who prefer to live within close proximity to the university facilities. These dormitories provide a convenient and comfortable living environment for students.
  2. Room Types :

    • The on-campus dormitories typically offer different types of rooms, including single rooms, double rooms, and shared rooms. Each room is equipped with essential furniture, such as beds, desks, chairs, closets, and storage space.
  3. Facilities and Amenities :

    • The on-campus dormitories at CIU provide various facilities and amenities to enhance students’ living experience. These may include common areas for socializing, study rooms, laundry facilities, kitchens or dining halls, recreational areas, and 24-hour security.
  4. Cost and Fees :

    • The cost of accommodation at CIU’s on-campus dormitories varies depending on the room type and facilities provided. Students are usually required to pay accommodation fees on a semester or annual basis, and these fees may include utilities such as electricity, water, and internet access.
  5. Application Process :

    • Students interested in on-campus accommodation at CIU typically need to apply for housing separately from their academic application. The university provides information about the accommodation application process, deadlines, and requirements on its website or through the admissions office.
  6. Off-Campus Housing :

    • In addition to on-campus dormitories, CIU students may also choose to live off-campus in private apartments or shared accommodation in the surrounding areas of North Nicosia. The university can assist students in finding suitable off-campus housing options if needed.
  7. Student Support Services :

    • CIU’s accommodation office or student affairs department provides support and assistance to students regarding accommodation-related matters. This may include guidance on housing options, roommate matching, maintenance requests, and resolving any accommodation issues.

Overall, CIU strives to provide students with safe, comfortable, and affordable accommodation options to support their academic and personal development during their time at the university. Students are encouraged to explore the available housing options and make informed decisions based on their preferences and needs.

Transport services :

Buses transport students from campus to all parts of the city via various routes and are free of charge.

Catering services :

The university has a wide range of restaurants and cafes that offer a rich variety of options from home-cooked meals to fast food and international cuisine. Catering services:

Bank services / ATMs :

The university provides banking services to students on campus.

Bookstore, photocopy center and large supermarket:

The store fulfills the needs of printing, copying and various educational purposes for students.

Security :

24/7 security is provided in all areas of the campus.

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